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Get to Know the Towers in Kingdom Rush

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Winning battles in Kingdom Rush is not entirely based on luck. You need to have the proper strategy and tactical execution to defend your base correctly. With that said, the first step in designing the perfect plan is to know each of your units, which, in this case, are towers.

Towers serve as your first line of defense in Kingdom Rush, while the rest are just for support. Unless you have enough money to purchase power-ups, you might as well spend a couple of minutes taking note of the damage per second or DPS and the cost of each tower.

Archer Tower

The first thing that we will look at is the most cost-efficient tower in the game, which is the Archer Tower. The build cost of the Archer Tower is 70, which is the same as the Barracks. Although both towers cost the same, the Archer Tower boasts a DPS of 6.3 and a Fire Rate of 0.8. Therefore, it is ideal to start each round with an Archer Tower.


Next is the Barracks, which, as mentioned, have a build-cost similar to the Archer Tower with a lower DPS of 2. One of the reasons why the Barracks cost the same as the Archer Tower is that it can finish off the enemies the Archer Tower missed. In addition, the Barracks produce ground troops that can be boosted by reinforcements. In other words, the Archer Tower provides ranged support for the militia created by the Barracks and the passive reinforcement booster. Thus, the Archer Tower and Barracks should be within the range of each other.

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The third tower is the Artillery, which costs 125 coins to build and inflicts up to 15 damage. Artillery is the second most powerful tower in the game. However, just like most powerful towers in other games, Artillery has a low DPS due to its 1.00 fire rate. Do note that by the time you construct an Artillery Tower, both Archer and Barracks should be placed in a strategic location. Furthermore, your Artillery Tower should be placed behind both the Archer Tower and Barracks. In this manner, the area damage it inflicts can soften the approaching hoard before they come within range of the barracks.

Magic Tower

The Magic Tower, with a DPS of 3.8, comes with a build cost of 100 coins. Although the tower costs less than the Artillery Tower, it is not advisable to construct this tower in place of the Artillery. It is because Magic Towers does not deal with area damage, meaning that it can only target one unit at a time. Nevertheless, the best part of Magic Towers is that you can construct them anywhere on the map and are highly effective against heavily armored enemies.

To that end, always remember that an effective strategy is where each tower in the game works or supports each other seamlessly.