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Kingdom Rush Guide – Comprehensive Rules for Beginners

Are you ready to plan your strategy to win? Lead your troops to victory, protect your kingdom, and engage in this immersive tower defense strategy game by Ironhide Games called Kingdom Rush. And since it’s been ten years since its inception, the game is back for more action and adventure.

Now, you can enjoy it on your PC for free and experience bigger and more intense warfare! Charge into this classic Tower Defense game that has earned millions of fans and numerous accolades from popular gamers and critics worldwide. Crush the forces of evil now in Kingdom Rush!

Both new and seasoned players are excited to play this action-packed game. So think of the best kingdom rush strategy to defeat your enemies. Bring them down with your vast arsenal of epic towers and magic! If you’re a beginner and want to learn more about the game and how to become a pro, you have come to the right place!

We have the perfect kingdom rush strategy guide to help you become the greatest general of them all. So we have this simple but comprehensive beginner’s guide made just for you! Read on below to know more about this uber-famous strategy game.

Tips & Tricks & Strategies for Kingdom Rush

In this kingdom rush guide, you’ll need to know your Arsenal and what you have to effectively defeat those rushing orcs, goblins, and bandits! So make sure to keep the following things in mind.

The Four Towers

Towers are the main component of any tower defense game. And you can build four different towers: Archers, Artillery, Barracks, and Mages. These have roles to play, complete with strengths and weaknesses. You will also be upgrading these as you progress through the game.


Kingdom Rush Gameplay


So under the Archer, we have the Archer Tower, armed with archers with a swift and consistent attack. Level it up to Marksman Tower with 110 gold. The next upgrade is Sharpshooter Tower, which increases its range and attack speed. Then we have the Rangers Hideout, one of the tier 4 upgrades. Another is the Musketeer Garrison.

The Barracks Tree

For the Barracks Tree, we have the Militia Barracks. It’s an unorthodox tower with three soldiers. Then level it up to Footmen Barracks, which houses better trained and heartier militia.

Tier 3 is the Knights Barracks with higher-health soldiers. After that, we have the Holy Order, which trains mighty paladins with at least 200 health and 50% physical damage reduction. The Barbarian Mead Hall has savage warriors with high attack damage.

The Mage Tree

Under the Mage Tree, the first tower is the Mage Tower. It’s a hit-hard, hit once type of tower with arcane mages that has tremendous damage at the cost of their speed. After that, the Adept Tower has increased damage but still with a semi-slow attack speed. The Wizard

Tower delivers staggering amounts of magic damage their way but with the same attack speed. The Arcane Wizard is one of the two tier 4 upgrades. With peerless damage per shot, they are able to make quick work on the battlefield. The other tier 4 tower is the Sorcerer Mage, known to be arcanists closer to darkness itself.

The Artillery Tree

Finally, we have the Artillery Tree. The first artillery is the Dwarven Bombard, which fires explosive projectiles at enemies. Next, there’s the Dwarven Artillery, which houses a more than doubled damage. The Dwarven Howitzer offers more powder for bigger booms.

The 500mm Big Bertha is one of the tier 4 upgrades, which is a monster cannon. Another tier 4 artillery power is the Tesla x104, which fires chain lightning that attacks three enemies at once.

Choosing Your Hero

Heroes are powerful characters that you put in command. You can tap on their portrait then tap on a location to put them there. They have special skills and abilities, making them key players in your overall strategy. They will respawn if they fall.

Upgrading Your Army with Stars

Stars are the main currency in Kingdom Rush, which you will need to upgrade your Towers and Spells. You can get up to three stars per stage in campaign mode, depending on the lives you have left after every level. If you can’t get three stars, you can retry the level.


Hero in Kingdom Rush


You can also get another star from completing the level in Heroic Challenge. During this trial, you’ll begin at 1 life while your technology tree is locked, and there are limits to your upgrades. Plus, enemy waves are different and more challenging than normal mode.

Final Thoughts

These tips and tricks we have made for you above are just the start of your journey in Kingdom Rush. The more you play, the more you’ll be able to understand what needs to be done in this action-packed strategy game. So play it now on your PC, and enjoy an exhilarating tower defense strategy game here.