Kingdom Rush: The Epic Tower Defense Game to Play on PC

Embark on an epic action-adventure journey on Kingdom Rush download! Protect your castle and the rest of your kingdom at all costs with a well-planned war strategy and fighting tactics. You have to fight and defend every inch of your territory.

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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

By Ironhide Games | 31 downloads

Go and battle your enemies in the forest, mountains, and wastelands. You have to make sure that your castle is well-guarded as well. Upgrade your tower defenses and invest in high-powered weapons to keep out enemies from your kingdom!

Defend Kingdom Rush From Trolls & Evil Wizards

There are tons of enemies you can face on the battlefield. And even invaders, enemy troops, and war monsters such as trolls, goblins, evil wizards, hordes of orcs, and many other terrifying creatures.

Finally, there are nasty fiends all-around your castle, so make sure you equip your towers with a vast arsenal of weapons and traps! Prove yourself as a great warlord on Kingdom Rush! A free Kingdom Rush unblocked version can also be downloaded and played on PC here.

Build Your Army & Take Charge in Epic Battles

You cannot win battles and defeat thousands of enemies without building a strong army first. Recruit as many soldiers as you can, and bring in warriors and legendary monsters to your side as well! There are over 11 types of warriors that you can recruit for your kingdom, and each of them has a special trait that is useful on the battlefield.

You are in charge of your army, so make sure you equip them with the right weapons and strategize a smart battle plan! Boost their morale with your leadership and utmost support. You and your troops can certainly defeat monsters and enemies in your quest to protect the kingdom on Kingdom Rush!

Your battle could last for hours, so make sure you have the stamina and endurance for it. Don’t leave your army in the middle of an intense battle, or else the enemy would take over your castle more easily! Give the right commands to guide your soldiers in battle. There would also be epic boss fights, so make sure you prepare yourself and your troops well!

Upgrade Your Tower For Better Defenses

Aside from creating a strong army, upgrading your tower defenses is also a great way to ensure victory on Kingdom Rush! There are over 8 specializes tower upgrades that can compliment your war tactics and strategy. These are Arcane Wizards, Forest Rangers, Mighty Barbarians, and many more.

There are also tower abilities that can help you summon additional powers and elements against enemies. Try to summon all 18 types of tower abilities with the help of your sorcerers, and the earth element will come to the rescue! Make this a part of your Kingdom Rush strategy to strengthen your castle defenses.

Choose From Over 9 Elite Hero Characters

There are over 9 elite heroes that you can choose on Kingdom Rush! These heroes will lead your troops on the battlefield. They are the champions that can lead your army towards victory. Command your hero to unite your troops and charge on as you go against enemies on the battlefield!

Your hero is your representative on the battlefield – so choose wisely. You may also customize your chosen hero or upgrade their skills and weapons for maximum damage and efficiency during battles.

Get Free Guides & Tips From Kingdom Rush’s In-Game Encyclopedia

Most RPG and battle clash games are quite confusing because there seems to be a lot of stuff going on. In Kingdom Rush, there are tons of characters, heroes, enemies, items, and even the types of towers! There are basic towers and special towers, so their features and special abilities are also very different.

To guide you, an in-game encyclopedia is available for your reference. This contains a list and information of all types of weapons, towers, heroes, enemies and other fast facts of Kingdom Rush origins. No need to go on trial and error, all the necessary guides and tips are in your own hands!

Download & Play Kingdom Rush on PC Now!

Get a free Kingdom Rush download for PC now to join epic battles and tower defenses in the name of your kingdom! The game was originally developed for Android, but the Kingdom Rush unblocked version can be saved and played on PC too.

Why try it on PC? Because it guarantees a smooth and better gameplay experience! Your PC has a bigger screen, thus you can enjoy the smooth and high-quality graphics of the game in full-screen view. You can also move more freely with keyboard and mouse commands for the game. Most of all, no lags and game crashes will be experienced – your PC has more extra storage that can keep the game running for hours without suddenly crashing unlike when you play it on mobile. So, check out the Kingdom Rush free download for PC now!

Game Features

  • Enjoy an epic tower defense strategy game!
  • Choose from over 9 elite hero characters.
  • Fight against trolls, demons, and other creatures on the battlefield!
  • Prepare for epic boss fights.
  • Enjoy hours of free gameplay with over 60 achievements.

Download & Play Kingdom Rush on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Kingdom Rush Screenshot
Kingdom Rush Screenshot

Kingdom Rush: The Epic Tower Defense Game to Play on PC